Travel service arrangement business

In 2017, we started our arrangement business in Japan in response to our customers’ requests.
We want to bring smiles to our customers’ faces.
We want to help our customers have the best trip possible.
We want our clients to return home with a fondness for Japan.
With these concepts in mind, we will build a better travel experience in Japan by meeting the needs of our clients and putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes.

Inside a sightseeing bus

Autumn Leaves and Temples

Panoramic view of Mt. Fuji and the sea

Cherry blossoms in the park

World Heritage Site Itsukushima Shrine

Matsumoto Castle

group photo

Kyoto geisha

Izakaya Scenery

Woman in yukata fanning herself with an uchiwa fan

Rainbow Bridge at sunset from Daiba Park

Shinkansen traveling on the bridge and Mt.

Hotel twn

Asakusa Senso-ji Temple

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Client’s request
Answer to “+α

We listen to our customers’ requests and make plans based on our fluent language staff’s understanding of the country’s characteristics.
We will respond to your various needs, from arrangements for hotel accommodations only to tours to the sightseeing spots of your choice, with the care and attention to detail that only we can provide.

We can communicate in English and Hebrew.
(Tour guides are available only in English) As of June 2023

Speedy response

We are proud of our speedy and flexible response to sudden changes in travel arrangements, as we reflect local information based on feedback from our escort staff.
We provide the best value for your time in Japan to make your trip a “higher quality trip” and an “unforgettable journey.

Solving the problems of travel agents

We will solve the problems that travel agencies have, such as “I want to consult with you about inbound tours,” “I am not satisfied with the tours,” “It is difficult to secure accommodations,” and so on.


DELUXE can solve these problems!

Apart from sightseeing, we will discuss meals that tend to be characteristic of each country.

If there are many diverse guests, we will make firm adjustments such as “buffet style” or “Japanese characteristic meals” are desired.
We also make an effort to include local restaurants as dining options so that our guests can experience Japanese culture and lifestyle in a more Japanese way.

Problems caused by differences in body size due to nationality

Many of our foreign guests are large.
Some people have the impression that hotels in Japan are smaller than those in other countries, so we try to provide spacious rooms and bus seats to ensure their satisfaction.

I feel uneasy about what kind of attendants we have.

There are a variety of staff members who work as tour guides.
Our staff members are never businesslike, but rather take care to create an enjoyable trip together with our customers.

I have a plan, but I want to make it a better itinerary.

You have plans to visit Japan, but what would be a better itinerary?
If you have such concerns, please contact us and we can suggest a better itinerary for you.
Of course, we will make adjustments and prepare according to the final route.
Please consult us about planned trips such as adult trips for children or groups with dietary restrictions.