A unisex jewelry brand that focuses on simple and structured designs, expressing the charm of the dignified power and beauty of materials. The brand delivers sophisticated items that can be worn by women and men who are fulfilled in both their professional and private lives, regardless of their on-time or off-time activities.

For you… for your loved ones… for matching… for the uplifting feeling of wearing… with an accessory (amulet) that you can always wear.

We create accessories with your words, your feelings, your wishes, and your bonds. We create such accessories by fast semi-custom order.

The brand’s theme is “Natural, Sweet, Funny.” Delicate items using gold and natural stones add a sense of happiness to daily life. The brand offers high-quality, playful accessories that are soft and gentle like cream and melt into your daily style.

We bring a little happiness to your daily life. We offer simple daily accessories that can be easily enjoyed.