We can also develop and supply original designs.
We customize the supply chain according to the wishes and priorities of our suppliers in terms of design, quality, mass production volume, and price.
We propose well-balanced product supply.


Quality can be verified in person

We have many samples available in our showroom. You can take a variety of samples to check the quality and design of our products in advance.

Proposals based on experience and extensive knowledge

Our experienced staff will use their wealth of knowledge to understand the wishes of our customers and make proposals to them. We will respond to a variety of requests and aim for a satisfactory transaction.

Targeted suggestions

We have a lineup of various designs including our own unique brand. We will make proposals that meet the needs of your target customers.


preparatory meeting

Please take a look at the samples in our showroom to confirm the quality, design image, and balance of the combination of parts, etc., while actually holding the product in your hand.

Confirmation of quotation and design pictorial model

Once the design is finalized, we will provide an estimate. If there are no problems with the estimate, we will move on to the creation of a drawing model (CAD, etc.).

Sample Confirmation

After delivery of the sample, we will plan a mass production order after confirming the quality, final unit price, delivery date, and other conditions. (*Please note that we do not accept samples only.)

Mass production and delivery

In addition to inspections at the factory, our in-house staff also inspects the products to ensure that only products that meet our quality standards are delivered.