Our company has released many products of high quality and at reasonable price, taking advantage of a strong relationship with foreign suppliers since the company was established as an accessory import firm in 1993. We improved the power of merchandise development and production and also undertook the establishment of SCM, as we were dealing with custom-made products for each client, and OEM, as well as our own designs. We started up our own brand in 2002 and we opened a directly-managed store and expanded our business to the retail field in 2003. In this way we established a business model where both production and selling are put in operation, and have been continuing with this model up to the present day.

We specialize in OEM and ODM in which we offer suggestions, having taken into consideration all elements such as planning according to the type of clients, materials, production and deployment package, making the most of our company's strength, which is having know-how regarding careful marketing specializing in accessories, development of original designs, manufacturing floor space, distribution and retail.